Our Vision

CUPRA conceive for the Congolese Australian community to be a platform where people live together in harmony, respect each other’s religions and ethnicities, celebrate the Congolese cultural diversity and work together for the development of their homeland DR Congo as well as their second home Australia.

What we do

CUPRA’s work involves Congolese living in Australia to have open conversations about peace building and reconciliation through workshops or training programs and designed projects. 

Organizing and supporting social activities that enhance solidarity and restore trust among the Congolese community members living in Australia. 

Our Mission

CUPRA strive to bring all Congolese living in Australia together to promote peace building and harmony among them. CUPRA aims to strengthen the conflict resolution capacities of the Congolese community in Australia and to play a role in the journey of reconciliation by helping them to move forward from their past history of war and conflicts and rewrite a new history of peace and unity for a better future.