CUPRA Consultation day

Congolese United for Peace and Reconciliation in Australia (CUPRA) has launched his first official event that brought together different Congolese from different ethnic group to talk about peace and reconciliation.
The president of CUPRA, Leandre Munyarusisiro told people who were there that “Some of the root causes of conflicts and divisions in the Congo are issues related to tribalism and ethnic conflicts. The Democratic Republic of Congo has more than 250 ethnic groups and 242 Languages. Having a diverse and Multicultural nation like this was supposed to be a treasure to cherish of and protect but unfortunately, our diversity became a source of hate, divisions and conflicts.” and that’s why he thought of creating CUPRA. He mentioned that The Congolese United for Peace and Reconciliation in Australia was founded with an aim to bring all Congolese ethnicities together and open up dialogs to solve our conflicts, build peace and harmony.

– Today, CUPRA has more than 45 active members

– We have hosted multiple social events that brought Congolese Community members
from different ethnic groups together.

– Our committee is inclusive and is composed of Congolese from diverse ethnic
groups, to reflect our mission to promote unity and reconciliation.

– In the last 2years, we have partnered with the local council and other local
organisations to ensure that we contribute to strengthening harmony and love not
only within our Congolese community but also with our Australian communities.
Australia is now our second home and needs our contribution as its citizens.

Among the guest speakers we had MP Hon. Shayne Neumann who gave a speech and said “ If you believe in Fatherhood of God, you should believe in brotherhood, we are all children of God. CUPRA is sisterhood and and Brotherhood”. he continued by emphasising that we should keep on doing good actions in our everyday’s life.

We also had Pastor David Smith from Grace christian church who have been supporting CUPRA in most of CUPRA’s activity, in his speech on this day he mentioned that “ We are same, just we are coming from different races” in addition he talked about forgiveness which is the main strength of reconciliation and quoted that “ Forgiveness is forgetting all that’s behind”.

We have had also Jimmy who is chairperson of Congolese Community in Australia whom in his speech said that we all red blood people despite our differences and that we should much more focus on what brings us together than what separate us. He continued that we should strive for peace as without peace nothing can be done.

In the end we had a panel of different Congolese representatives including religious and church representatives and ethnic representatives.
The event had also some traditional dances and sharing Launch and having fun was among the activities to bring people together. below are some pictures and the event.

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  1. CUPRA thank you for this good initiative , I hope us as young generation our future is beter . “Together we can” . God bless Cupra ,God bless Congo

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